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The best beanbag in town

by BCM Group on 15 December 2014

If you drink and drive, within most social circles, you will be branded an idiot. A reckless idiot.

So why do 14% of 18-24 year old Queensland males admit to sometimes making the choice to drink and drive?

In regional Queensland one of the main reasons this still happens is the perceived lack of alternatives, particularly when public transport is limited and there may be only one or two cabs in town.

But this year, there is a better option.

They can stay at their Mates Motel.


The Mates Motel campaign offers a simple, practical, social solution to a dangerous problem. And it taps into the natural hospitality of Queenslanders over the Christmas period! The ads encourage people to open up their houses for their mates to stay the night. Air mattresses, beanbags, hammocks, bathtubs, just about anything will do for a good night’s sleep at a Mates Motel! You might even be lucky enough to score a cold slice of pizza for breakfast!


You’ll see the campaign pop up on your TV, radio, on outdoor billboards, website banners and in cinemas all over Queensland. You may have seen the Mates Motel radio activations that were held in major centres in Queensland last Friday December 12th, in partnership with Triple M (pictured above).

Check out the website to create and share your own personalised Mates Motel neon sign, and most importantly, open up your own Mates Motel this weekend!

Elise Harper is an Account Manager at BCM

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