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Thanks for nothing iCloud!

by BCM Group on 8 September 2014

The latest scandal to hit the internet is that of the celebrity nude picture hack. In case you’ve been living in a cave/aren’t a complete pervert, I’ll give you a quick run-down on what’s been happening. A bunch of female celebrities have apparently had their iCloud’s hacked and a collection of naughty photos have been leaked onto the internet. Obviously this is an awful breach of privacy for these women, and the debate over who’s at fault still rages on… But I have a bone (get your mind out of the gutter) to pick with Apple and their iCloud and as such am going to jump to conclusions and place the blame solely on them. Being that I have a small amount of knowledge about this subject I am allowed to do such things.

The iCloud is some sort of digital deity which exists in internet-land. If you’ve ever even looked at an Apple product, then you have one. When you first set up your Apple product it prompts you to choose whether you would like to use the service. I saw the prompt and thought “yeah, why not?” without actually finding out what it was. So I went and asked our tech director, Julian, what the iCloud actually is and he said some words which sounded to me like “you are a dumb dumb head” and then made a fart noise with his mouth. What he actually said was: “It’s Apple’s online storage facility that allows for users to seamlessly sync their data on multiple devices to one central storage location.”


I guess like a lot of the technology that’s coming out these days it’s a thing of convenience. Sure you could take a photo on your iPhone and then transfer it to your iPad and print it on your iPrinter and look at it with your iFamily but the iCloud cuts out all the faffing about and automatically synchronises it to all your connected devices. We get used to using this service and forget what life was like before it existed. I remember 18 months ago if someone had told me I’d be waving my credit card around the general vicinity of a machine to buy stuff I’d have said they were mad. These days if I have to actually put my card into an EFTPOS device I audibly sigh and mutter swear words to myself.

In the case of the iCloud for your photos, music and movies to be synced to all your devices they first have to go somewhere where each of them can access it, i.e. “THE CLOUD”. And therein lies the problem. Hackers can then access your iCloud account and freely rifle through your amateur photography like my Nanna with an Aldi catalogue.

Now, my problem with iCloud is not the fact my data exists in ‘Internet land’ even after it is deleted from my device, nor is it the risk of items being exposed through a massive breach of privacy.

It’s that it made my wife upset at me.

As established earlier the iCloud sync’s photos to all your devices. Another feature of my iPhone is that it automatically saves any photos that are sent to me.

As a 31 year old male, you can imagine that although my circle of friends were discussing the morality of these issues and condemning them fervently, there were a few bad apples who sent me some naughty pictures.  These naughty pictures were then synced automatically to my wife’s iPad and whilst she’s enjoying her afternoon cup of tea looking at wedding photos…well you know the rest.

So thanks for nothing iCloud. You might be at fault for the celebrity nude picture scandal, but in my mind you definitely owe me $10 for the flowers I had to buy.

What do you think? Are Apple the ones to blame? Should we revert to taking analogue nudes from now on? Should we stop taking nudes altogether?

Nathan Mullins is an Assistant Accountant and Head of Waste Management at BCM

- Gillian on September 8

Nate you put forward a compelling argument and an excellent warning for Apple users. Could probably solve the issue by switching to Android perhaps?

- Kev on September 8

Thanks Nath. Not only informative but hilarious too!

- Peter on September 8

Great article Nathan. And great work getting away with spending just $10 on apology flowers. That is so cheap.

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