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Teamwork makes the dream work

by BCM Group on 19 December 2013


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Our third week as interns in the BCM Baptism program has almost finished, and we’ve all settled into the workplace pretty well. I didn’t know what to expect of my fellow interns when I arrived at BCM Partnership three weeks ago. The only glimpse I had of them was five fifteen-second videos that each of us posted as part of the application process. But there’s only so much you can understand of a person from fifteen-second stop motion footage or videos of cats. As well as that, there’s a certain amount of glossing over that anyone does when presenting themselves online, but especially for an opportunity like this.

What I faced that first Monday morning when meeting my fellow Baptists, was a range of people with different backgrounds, interests and creative insights. The six of us started our first week by travelling awkwardly as a pack, huddling in the kitchen together and probably looking like we weren’t exactly sure where we belonged. But from this natural instinct to stick together, a strong team has emerged (we jokingly refer to ourselves as ‘the dream intern team’!). Now we’re tackling projects head on because of our ability to work as a group. We bounce ideas off each other for projects we’re working on and for the video record that we’re making of our time at BCM; we drink loads of coffee together; and we have already made a tradition of going for a walk through the Brunswick St Mall at lunch time.

As a creative copywriter intern, it surprised me see that this kind of teamwork also applies in the ‘real world’ at BCM. Having never had any experience working inside an agency, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but I was instantly struck by the sense of teamwork that exists here. BCM seems to have embraced a flexible approach where teams are formed around the specific needs of individual projects, and this approach lets them draw on the individual skills of lots of different people. I’ve now seen first-hand how tackling projects within a flexible team structure opens up new avenues of creativity because everyone has a different perspective. Our intern team has also embraced working like this and it helps us to find solutions to the problems of the projects we’ve been tasked with.

So the first three weeks have taught us much about the importance of teamwork, and how effective it is in helping to generate ideas and creative solutions. There’s only three weeks left of our internship and we can’t wait to see how much more ‘the dream intern team’ is going to learn.

Ellen Kirkpatrick is a Creative Copywriter Intern at BCM

- Kate Holloway on December 20

Great post Ellen. Love the very creative photo booth style 'team' shots!

- Paul on December 20

Good on you Ellen. Great having you on board at BCM!

- kristen on December 19

Awesome Ellen! :)

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