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Super Bowl: The world’s longest football match

by BCM Group on 30 January 2015

The “big game” is no longer just a game; it is now a month-long series of digital moments, each giving brands the opportunity to connect with their audience through social, search, and video.

It’s a trend we’ve been accustomed to for a while now. The dust from Christmas advertising barely given the chance to settle before we start seeing ‘teasers’ and ‘early releases’ of this year’s Super Bowl ads. In a way, it feels kind of wrong. Like buying a hot cross bun on New Year’s Day.

But why is it all starting so early these days? The answer is simple – The audience and interest is there.

The hype starts early and is growing every year

Super Bowl fever now begins long before kick-off and lasts long after the final whistle. In fact, according to Google, 70% of game-related searches happen in the month surrounding game day vs. the day itself. Here’s a little snippet from a Google infographic on the matter…

We’re turning to YouTube for “big game” ads

It might just be me, but the Super Bowl seems to be the one instance in which the ads are anticipated almost as much as the event itself. We see these ads as part of the whole ‘show’, the entertainment – and we’re turning to YouTube to find them.

youtube analytics

Some brands are smashing it

If you were one of the 55 million people to watch Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad, “Puppy Love” on YouTube last year, then you know what I’m talking about. These guys know how to make a terrific online spot. In fact, this ad was the 7th most viewed video of 2014.

So what have Budweiser got up their sleeve for 2015? Only the cutest thing ever…


Both “Puppy Love” and this year’s instalment, “Lost Dog” were released nearly a week out from the Super Bowl. The only downside to this is that you leave yourself open to parodies, like this one GoDaddy released a couple of days ago.

Another brand I absolutely adore, for so many reasons, is Newcastle Brown Ale. Their 2014 “If we made it” campaign was brilliant, and they’ve backed it up with another doozy. Be sure to check out both the #BandOfBrands ‘pitch’ video featuring Aubrey Plaza (a parody of last year’s Budweiser ad itself), and the resulting 37-brand showcase below:



So what does the future hold? Will advertisers continue to launch their ads well in advance of the Super Bowl? Will Santa be featured in a ‘big game’ spot!? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Jona Peck is a Digital and Content Specialist at BCM

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