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Sportsbet just won the Melbourne Cup

by BCM Group on 4 November 2014

If you are yet to see Sportbet’s latest videos about Spring Racing Carnival Stereotypes, then do yourself a favour and check them out.

The videos are timely, sharable and (to me anyway) plain hilarious. After all, ‘tis the season to make fun of drunken race-goers.


I was first introduced to the genius of Sportsbet’s content marketing last year, when a friend tagged me in a video on Facebook. The video was titled ‘How to see your mates during the offseason’ and it made me laugh. I then tagged a few more mates in the comments because I thought it would make them laugh too.

As it turns out, this video wasn’t a one hit wonder. In fact, Sportsbet has a thriving community on social media, with around 478,000 likes on Facebook and over 4 million views accrued on YouTube.

Their online content is great and they post awesome, topical content on a regular basis.

facebook image

But why would I, a guy who fundamentally dislikes the gambling industry, be interested in following an online betting company on social media? I’ll tell you…

Because Sportsbet gets me.

They know what I find funny. They know what sort of content I want to share with my friends. They know that no matter how tired my body tells me I am, I’m going to watch their entire collection of satirical ‘AFL vs. NRL Wife Swap’ videos on my iPad in bed until the wee hours of the morning. On a school night.

So in the spirit of Melbourne Cup, and with our moral reservations on online betting pushed aside, let us bow to the reign of Sportsbet, the King of content marketing.

Jona Peck is a Digital and Content Specialist at BCM

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