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Sponsorships in the age of information overload

by BCM Group on 22 June 2017

Last night I watched the Holden State of Origin played at ANZ Stadium. The XXXX Maroons played the VB Blues, both proudly sponsored by insurers – Suncorp and NIB. My eyes were glued to the Harvey Norman replays and the KFC video referee ($5 Hot Rod anyone?) … and everything seemed business as usual.

And then comes the Telstra Tracker. The Channel 9 #9WWOS hashtag. The Bundaberg Rum Analyser! What a time to be alive.

The attention economy has brands scrambling over one another to buy every piece of real estate available, but as the competition heats up we’re compelling our audiences to switch off.

Consumers fight information overload daily, and they’re acutely aware of the battle. See “Times Square with Ad Blocker” – 4.3 million views on Imgur, 25,700 upvotes on Reddit.

The State of Origin broadcast last night felt like the Times Square of sporting events, and I’m certain the audience struggled to process the advertising tsunami. I certainly would have loved to turn on my Origin ad blocker.

We talk about breaking through the clutter, but surely it reaches a point where you stop contributing to the clutter and put your dollars somewhere else? In my mind, success is linked to meaningful interactions that are executed well. Messages that emotionally resonate. Less, not more. Quality over quantity.

That being said, there’s definitely still some places I’d pay to put my logo. For the first time in more than 50 years, NBA has become the first of the ‘Big Four’ American sports leagues to allow patches on its game jerseys. Jersey sponsorships are a major source of revenue for clubs around the world, and one would argue that this is actually the only piece of real estate that matters. Because when you’re watching an 80-minute game of Origin, you’re either looking at Johnathan Thurston kick a perfect three from three, or you’re looking at your phone.

So I guess the question is… if you were advising Bundaberg Rum, what would you have to say about their State of Origin ‘Analyser’?


Emilie Tan is a Social Media Specialist at BCM

- Sam on June 22

You forgot about the match highlights brought to you by 'Dunkirk', in cinemas July 20.

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