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Spider dogs and singing nuns

by Gemma Boucher on 12 December 2014

Warning: Get ready to click a lot of hyperlinks!

Earlier this week YouTube released its list of the top 10 trending videos for 2014. The numbers are absolutely staggering. From the mutant spider dog to a singing nun on The Voice Italy, these 10 videos alone racked up a mind-boggling 665 million views.


To those of us interested in content marketing, what really stands out is the diversity of these videos. And even better – so much of it is created by brands. Whether it’s Budweiser melting the hearts of viewers across the world with its Puppy Love campaign or fashion brand Wren’s elegant exploration of a stranger’s first kiss, this year’s list is testament to the vast scope that exists for branded content.

As our obsession with consuming content shows no sign of slowing, brands and marketers continue to chase that elusive formula of what makes a viral hit. Sadly, I’m convinced this doesn’t exist. Sure there might be common themes (although there’s no sign of a grumpy cat anywhere!) but I’d challenge anyone to try and pick what might be top of the list for next year.

However, it’s this unpredictability that makes the industry such an exciting one in which to work. It’s a requirement to take risks, try new things and find ways of communicating to our audiences that years ago would have seemed completely bonkers. Bring on 2015!

Gemma Boucher is an Account Director at BCM

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