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Smart Phone, Stupid Choices?

by BCM Group on 1 April 2015

Phone and social media addiction is on the rise and affects more people than we might realise. The phone goes ‘ding’, and the reward centres of your brain fire like crazy. Over 80% of Australians now own a smartphone, and it’s not just the 15 year olds who are glued to their phones. Problems arise when we don’t know when to put the phone down (take the phone addiction test here).

75% of Queenslanders admit to using their phone illegally in the car, resulting in a 4x higher risk of crashing. Shockingly one in seven people have admitted to taking a driving selfie. But research shows that this is a guilty habit – people know it’s dangerous, and they want to stop. They just don’t know how.


As a road-safety first, the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, in partnership with BCM, has developed a quit program to help reduce mobile use while driving. The 22 day Distraction Action Plan is a step-by-step program to help people to kick their phone-driving habit for good.

Until technology takes over the driving task completely (which looks to be a possibility within five years), something needs to happen to reduce the rate of crashes caused by distracted driving.

Are you ready to kick the habit?

Shelley Lewis is a Group Account Director at BCM

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