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Seven Steps to Content Success

by Kevin Moreland on 1 September 2014

The opportunities to develop and distribute content are almost limitless. Of course, the trick is to produce content that is of value to the end user as well as meeting your goals.

Recently I came across an infographic in the form of a periodic table that really helps to break the content marketing process down to seven simple steps. It creates some clear boundaries by separating strategy, formats, content types, platforms, metrics and goals, sharing triggers and checklists. It’s a useful guide.


I think the sixth step, sharing triggers, is especially important.  It forces you to assess what it is about the content you’re looking at producing that will make it shareable. How will people feel and how does that reflect your brand? Is it funny, moving, cool, controversial etc? A pretty valid question.

Even with all of the items on this table its creator admits that it probably doesn’t provide the complete list. But it’s a very handy place to start when you’re faced with the sometimes daunting task of developing the strategy, sorting out the options that are on-brand and the most relevant ways to measure success. It’s certainly a handy thing to print out and pin on the wall for reference.

You can find out more here.

Kevin Moreland is a Managing Director at BCM

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