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Say Thanks to your friends with Facebook

by BCM Group on 13 November 2014

Today is World Kindness Day!  What a perfect day for Facebook to launch a new function called Say Thanks.  It’s also good timing in the US as they prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving on 27 November.

Get ready for your newsfeed to be flooded by your friends sending you video cards sharing some of your most memorable moments.

It is very easy to use:

1. Go to

2. Pick a friend you want to say thanks to – Facebook will serve up some of your nearest & dearest but you can choose anyone.

3. Choose a theme – are you besties (Old Friends) or just friends (Friends)?

4. Choose which photos and posts to include – If you can’t be bothered, Facebook pre-selects these for you.

Check out this video and share the love!


Giulianna Stead is a Channel Planner at BCM

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