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Sal and Shaun’s Super Bowl Scrimmage

by BCM Group on 8 February 2016

Super Bowl time is the most wonderful time of year for the TV commercial.  That one magical day in February where the biggest agencies, with the biggest brands, make the most expensive ads and then pay outrageous sums of money to run them.

And thanks to the early release of most of the ads on the interwebs, we get to play Armchair Quarterback and pick them apart.

Having said that, we’d still love to have any of these spots on our reels.

Except maybe that Mountain Dew one…

Shock Top: Unfiltered Chat


Works wayyyyyyy better in the 90 second cut, but T.J Miller and the Shock Top beer tap sassing each other makes us grin. One extra point for bringing just the right amount of offbeat humour, without overdoing it.

Rating: 4 pints of probably terrible tasting citrus beer out of 5.


Acura NSX – What He Said


Lots of close-ups of the car to keep the marketing team happy. But they kinda snuck an idea over the top with Dave Lee Roth’s nonsensical screams.

Rating: 2.5 coked up, spandex wearing, 80s rock stars out of 5.


Bud Light Party


A well-timed satire on patriotic super bowl ads. Seth Rogan is always great, but Amy Schumer steals the show. Win. Double points for the line “America has seen the light and there’s a Bud in front of it”

Rating: 7.5 slightly irreverent Judd Apatow movies out of 5.


Amazon Echo


Seems like it’s easier to just throw money at big stars rather than come up with an idea. Still, this kind of works for us. Mostly because of Jason Schwartzman.

Rating: 2 slightly awkward indie actors out of 5.


Butterfinger: Bolder than Bold



Rating: 1 thanks Skittles and Old Spice for making every brand try and do weird for the sake of weird out of 5.


Mountain Dew: Puppymonkeybaby


See above

Rating: 0.5 recurring nightmares out 5.


Skittles: The Portrait




Rating: 2.5 ads that probably would have been better without Steven Tyler out of 5.


Axe: Find your magic


Great to see Axe all grown up with this inclusive ad, even if they are a little late to the party. Kudos for running this gender-stereotype crushing spot, during the testosterone fueled Superbowl.

Rating: 5 bandwagon jumpers with a heart of gold out of 5.


Heinz: #MeettheKetchups.


Not really super original. Not really super amazing. Just big dumb fun that made us grin like a couple of idiots.

Rating: 4 grinning idiots who can’t believe they get paid to watch ads out of 5.


Special mention to Honda’s singing sheep, for arousing the attention of one New Zealand born, art director from across the room.


What’s your all-time favourite Super Bowl spot? Post us a link. 

Sal Borzillo is an Art Director at BCM, and Shaun McMahon is a Copywriter at BCM. 



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