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Putting the roid in Android

by Alan Kewley on 19 May 2017

The team at Sportsbet seem to have a great grasp on what makes their audience tick, as their latest campaign demonstrates. They speak with a healthy dose of Aussie cheekiness that other brands are afraid to do in these increasingly PC times.


The new work highlights the fact that their enhanced Android app downloads in just ten seconds. What a great way to talk about the unfair advantage it gives their customers by connecting that speed with performance enhancing drugs in sport. Olympic Gold Medal sprinter Ben Johnson ran the 100 metres in 9.79 seconds but was later found to be drug assisted.

With the disgraced Johnson and a bunch of references to Lance Armstrong, female Chinese swimmers and Russian weight-lifters the campaign is chock-full of puns about being juiced up and getting an unfair advantage with Sportsbet.


‘It tested positive for speed and power again and again’, ‘Download it in 10 seconds, faster if you cut a few corners’, ‘Get on it’, ‘Nobody knows performance enhancement like Ben Johnson’. The campaign is good fun. And I’ll wager that the people who Sportsbet really want to like it, will do.

Of course in the mainstream media pseudo-intellectual eggheads debate the ethics of paying a drug cheat to endorse a product. And as usual, advertising people snipe at each other in the trade media about the creative merits of this work. Meanwhile the Sportsbet team and their agency sit back smoking their pipe with a very satisfied look on their faces.

Is this Cannes Lion winning material? Maybe not, but it’s not meant to be. Is it getting lots of media exposure? Clearly. Will it upset those people who take the moral high ground on just about everything? Sure. Do I like drug cheats? Nope, I can’t stand them. But do I think Sportsbet’s core audience will love this campaign? You bet I do.

What about you?

Alan Kewley is a Group Account Director at BCM

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