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oOh! What a journey

by Paul Cornwell on 2 March 2016

Last August we entered and won oOh! Media’s Million Dollar Pitch.

This was incredibly exciting for the pitch team, the whole agency, our partners at Sunny Queen Farms and our client Walking Wounded.

This wonderful charity, which works to assist returned Australian veterans reintegrate into society, specifically focuses on preventing the high incidence of suicide amongst military personnel.

The Walking Wounded campaign is now out there in the world across oOh!’s many out of home media platforms such as roadside supersite billboards, interactive ‘shopalives’ and atrium digital screens within shopping centres, signage in airports across the nation, plus local touchpoints in cafés, bars, sports centres and unis.

new-road-image-for-campaign-home-page-e1453524705257 fly-sydney-airport-longreach-launch1 retail-emporium-retail-launch-copy1

Images courtesy of oOh! Media

We’re thrilled with the response to the campaign from the general public, the media and the Defence community.  It’s certainly made a big impact.

Now, the second part of the Million Dollar Pitch begins.

Tonight I fly out to London. There I’ll meet up with Nick Ikonomou from BCM, the Ooh! team and also Walking Wounded ‘sister’ organisations.

From there we travel to New York with a similar agenda for two days.

Then, we’re off to the amazing SXSW conference in Austin, Texas.  Five days of immersion in new technologies, emerging consumer behaviours, new channels and new thinking.  I’m sure it will be challenging, exciting, exhausting and thought-provoking. It will be wall-to-wall thought leaders and lots of geeks.  I can’t wait!

Atmosphere - 2015 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival

Plus, BCM will be hosting the winner of last year’s CAP (Career Acceleration Programme at BCM), Sarah Fitzpatrick, who’ll be joining us at SXSW as part of her prize.  See you there Paddy!

Stay tuned for updates, blog posts and social posts as we go.

And a very special thanks to Brendon Cook, Michaela Chan and Cassie Day at Ooh! Media for the inspired Million Dollar Pitch idea, the incredible support they’ve given to Walking Wounded (which is waaay beyond what they promised as the million dollar’s worth of out of home media prize), and for the fantastic trip we’re about to embark on.

Paul Cornwell is a Managing Director at BCM.

- Nick Allen on March 10

Congratulations Paul and team. A brilliant campaign and a cause that needs the exposure.

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