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Not So Boring Stats

by Paul Cornwell on 2 June 2016


I read this morning, thanks to a Flock from Chloe in our office, that 85% of video on Facebook is watched without any sound. A crucial statistic indeed for anyone who’s creating video content for Facebook.

This got me thinking about what other statistics out there might directly impact on what we do. And what we do today.

So stand back. Here are my top ten stats;

  1. Most people spend most of their time using only 7 apps.  Worth thinking about when considering creating a new app – and how good it’ll have to be.
  2. Snapchat already has over 2 million active monthly users in Australia.  It begs the question: should Snapchat be in your marketing plan?
  3. Netflix already has 81 million users logging in monthly, and is now the world’s leading internet television network.  Does your media plan reflect the rapid consumer shift away from free-to-air television?
  4. Programmatic advertising currently represents nearly two-thirds (62%) of the digital display advertising marketplace (online, social and mobile), and will grow to 82% by 2018. A programmatic approach is a highly effective way to improve cost efficiency, more effectively target audiences and lower CPMs.
  5. Gartner’s 2015-2016 CMO report shows that 98% of marketers believe that digital and offline marketing are merging, and marketing strategies will need to reflect this. Marketers should have their comms planning set up to deal with online and offline in an holistic, integrated manner.
  6. By 2019, mobile advertising will represent 72% of all US digital ad spending. Mobile is the future.
  7. According to Park Associates May 16 research study, 2.3 million U.S households own a VR headset. Already. Wow. VR is here folks, and it’s going to be big. Very big. From selling to entertaining to eliciting donations (see the story I Flocked this morning).
  8. 60% of Instagram’s 400m monthly active users say they learn about products and services on the app, and 75% say they are inspired to act. Are you using Instagram as a selling tool?
  9. Web users who are retargeted to, are 70% more likely to convert.  Are you employing retargeting as part of your online program?
  10. An average internet user has 5 social media accounts, and spends 1 hour and 40 minutes browsing various social networks everyday. Does your plan include enough social media focus? And if so, is it too narrow?


Oodles of stats can be oh so boring, but I think relevant, insightful statistics can powerfully inform what we do. Hopefully these ones made you think for a moment about your plans.

Do you have any stats that you think fit into the ‘Not So Boring’ category?


Paul Cornwell is a Managing Director at BCM 

- Steve on June 2

Global users of adblockers to excede 400 million in 2016.

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