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No eugoogly for Google

by Peter Goodall on 13 October 2016

With the launch of the Pixel phone, it’s hard to imagine a day when Derek Zoolander might have to get up and eugooglize at Google’s funeral. Google is way too big, way too wealthy and way too good looking to ever die. Or are they?

Alphabet CEO Ruth Porat certainly thinks Google is mortal. Before heading to Silicon Valley to restructure Google she was an executive VP at Morgan Stanley who helped to stem the bleeding following the GFC. She has seen the mighty fall and she knows all about the potholes that can trip the big guys up.

By bringing more discipline to Alphabet’s ‘moon shot’ projects she has added billions to the company’s value. But it’s her determination to stay on top of their day-to-day businesses that sets the tone for every brand big or small.

“Markets are moving. We have to be maniacally focused on them, because other companies are as well, and make sure we’re providing the best experience for users.”

If she thinks an all-powerful force like Google needs to keep searching for a better, smarter way to do things, everybody needs to keep searching. The difference between success and failure over the next couple of years will be the difference between those who stayed on their toes and those who twiddled their thumbs.

Peter Goodall is BCM’s Creative Director

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