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Twitter is having a Moment in Australia today

by BCM Group on 2 March 2016

Twitter has begun rolling out its Moments feature in Australia today, offering a new, editor-curated way to discover trending content and keep tabs on breaking news and live sport. The new feature appears to be Twitter’s answer to Facebook’s Instant Articles, Snapchat’s Discovery and Google’s recently launched AMP solution, which all aim to provide users with content rich stories at a glance. Gone are the days of reading a 140 character long Tweet and having to enter an external site for the full story. We now have a platform allowing us to follow entire events from start to finish, in real time. This is the new format of mobile storytelling.

Ever see a Twitter trending list? It’s overwhelming. What does it all really mean? With Moments, all the dirty Twitter laundry goes away and you’re presented with a prettier presentation in a way that is fun to scroll through. Not up and down, but side to side. Moments requires less interaction and you don’t have to follow individual accounts, just the moment. Evidently Twitter has designed the new feature with new users in mind because you don’t have to follow hundreds of profiles to get the info you want. Here’s the low down on how it works:

You can follow events, where you’ll get the best Tweets about it delivered directly to your timeline and when it’s all over, you’ll unfollow automatically.

Twitter Moments - 1

From yesterday’s most popular meme or image to tomorrow’s big game, you can see the complete story come together through pictures, highlights and headlines.


You can stay in the loop about stories that actually matter to you. There’s a dedicated (and no doubt gigantic) Twitter team picking the best stuff, on top of some search algorithms and other tools that the Twitter team is using to find the best content or the content that’s the most engaged with on the platform.


Moments can be found in the middle of the bottom rail of the Twitter app (indicated by a lightning bolt) and is broken up into categories such as Today, News, Sport, Entertainment and Fun. You firstly land on the “Today” tab where you can find out about everything that is happening today on Twitter.


Some of the local publishers who have already signed on are BuzzFeed Australia, Channel V, NRL, AFL, The Project and ABC News, coming under the headline of their corresponding categories. Partners will actually be able to create Moments which will feature in the “Today” tab. When the content goes live you’ll be able to see who created it, indicated by a by-line graphic. For news organisations, this push brings big opportunities to reach more users, but also big risk, since the technology companies are gaining more control.

For brands, Promoted Moments will become available sometime later this year. Like all of Twitter’s ad products, Promoted Moments will be authored by a brand and be featured in the Moments guide for 24 hours, with a Promoted badge. So far in the US Starbucks, REI and Verizon were among the early brands to spend on a Promoted Moment, which happened to cost the small sum of US$1 million. Stay tuned for an Australian roll out later this year. Nevertheless, interesting times lay ahead for social media’s big players and their never ending battle to be crowned “Carrier of all Content Ever Existing”. Who will be next to strike?

Head to @TwitterMoments for more.


Holly Ovenden is a Social Media Specialist at BCM 

- Alan on March 2

This is really good Holly, thanks. Feels like the great leap forward for Twitter.

- Jo Stone on March 2

Thanks for the update Holly - I love it already - makes it very easy to see what's hot and trending right now,

- peter on March 2

Thanks for that Holly. I like the look of Moments. Feels a bit like the lovechild of Twitter and Flipboard

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