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Open your eyes and concentrate

by Kevin Moreland on 15 September 2014

Mind control has been the stuff of science fiction for years.  From Star Wars Jedi mind tricks to X-Men, Firestarter to Total Recall. Now it’s a reality.

The latest and potentially greatest app for Google Glass is called MindRDR. It’s a free, open-source app that allows wearers to control the Google Glass by mind alone.

With MindRDR you can take a photo through Glass then share it, purely via thought alone. By concentrating on moving a line on the Glass screen the image can be sent to Twitter or Facebook. Relaxing drops the line and deletes the image. All purely by telekinesis with no interaction from hands or voice.

MindRDR works by connecting Google Glass with a Neurosky MindWave Mobile device which monitors brainwaves. You can find out more here.

MindRDR from This Place Ltd on Vimeo.

The natural inclination when you hear about this sort of technology might be concern for the more grubby implications and obvious invasion of privacy. Goodness knows there are a number of NRL players who should be let nowhere near it. And I imagine the civil libertarian lobby will be in a lather at the mere mention.

But then you wonder about its potential use for people with severe disabilities that see them trapped in their bodies with little means of communication. Evidently the app’s London developer This Place is already investigating future possibilities with Professor Stephen Hawking. It promises so much.

The idea of combining wearable technology with telekinetics has all sorts of possibilities for how we interact with machines. Much closer to home a simple example is control of the TV. Clearly it won’t be long before the station the family watches will be determined by a battle of the minds rather than the wrestle for control of the remote.

What applications do you see for this technology out in the world?

Kevin Moreland is a Managing Director at BCM

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