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by BCM Group on 3 April 2014

For many, myself included, characters on your favourite television show are an extension of your friendship circles or even your family. So when shows call the final curtain on a series and it didn’t end the way you thought/wanted, reactions can be somewhat dramatic.

No longer are we passive spectators, happy to sit back and enjoy the ride, but active participants more than happy to voice our opinions.

How I Met Your Mother finished up their 9 seasons this week and the audience response has been significant. HIMYM viewers across the globe have expressed their disappointment as well as satisfaction on how things went down.


Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that this is now becoming the norm with TV viewing. Many will remember the outcry when Patrick died on Offspring, the Red Wedding on Game of Thrones and Walter White’s final moments on Breaking Bad.

With the help of social media and everyone wanting to get their two cents out into the world, we no longer have to wait until the 6pm news or when Australia picks up the TV rights. Just log onto your Facebook or Twitter and you’ll be swamped with world news and the very latest in all things trending.

As an avid TV enthusiast, I make it a point to keep up to date with my favourite shows or enforce a media blackout when significant events unfold. There is nothing worse in my opinion than spoilers.

Excuse me while I go await the return of Mad Men, Orphan Black and Game of Thrones and go share my opinion on the #HIMYMFinale.

Laura Casey is a Media Coordinator at BCM

- Laura on April 3

Great blog LC! I love spoilers. I liked the finale but can understand why some viewers didn't. I sometimes find it amusing that people get so riled up over a TV show and then I start yelling at the TV because Patrick died!

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