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Kids These Days…

by Jessica Berry on 26 March 2015

Yesterday, whilst absorbed in a bit of Facebook surfing, I happened upon a video from late last year. A video accompanied with one simple line “We asked kids what they think about Facebook, and Mark Zuckerberg should be worried.”

Intrigued, I hit the play button and in a mere two minutes, I suddenly felt about 200 years old. So, I’d like to share this with you all. Just to really tear whatever remaining youth you have left to shreds.


I think you could agree the lowest blow was right at the start, when one child commented “I feel like it’s mostly for, like, older people… like my grandparents and my parents.”


To that folks, I’m going to pull a Bishop and respond “in emoji”…


It was hard to not allow these sassy youths to make me feel decrepit as they burned the social network. But I took comfort in my knowledge that grandparents and parents are not the top demographic on Facey. While the 45–54 age group is rapidly growing, the age bracket with the highest use is still 18-34, a large portion of which are 18-24 (and far from being grandparents!).

While they were slightly off the mark with Facebook’s current audience (not to mention predicting its impending MySpace-style demise), these kids did put into perspective the strong shift in preferred social media platforms amongst age groups. And it’s quite clear that Snapchat, Tumblr and Instagram are the heroes amongst 9-13 year olds in this video.


As Facebook is ‘reaching maturity’ with a solid 13.2 million Aussie users, the newer social messaging apps like Snapchat (1.8 million users) are gaining momentum. Image-based platforms like Tumblr (4.9 million users) and Instagram (1.6 million users) are also increasing at an astounding rate in the younger, visually ravenous and short attention spanned audience. As a result it’s now imperative for brands to seriously consider these fast moving apps when aiming at under 25s. And most importantly to be clear on how to properly utilise them. As Jo highlighted in her latest blogyou have less than 10 seconds to engage them before they switch off.

Aside from the reality check that I’m not getting any younger, I am glad to see this type of video circulating. It’s a reminder that the social media landscape is rapidly changing, and that there’s no time like now to start exploring ways to successfully expand a brand’s presence across all social platforms.

 Jessica Berry is a Social Media Specialist at BCM

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