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It’s time to buy disappearing ads

by BCM Group on 10 October 2014

Don’t blink or you’ll miss them.

Snapchat, the popular mobile app for disappearing messages, is close to launching its first disappearing ads as it looks to monetize the service it provides to a reported 100 million active users worldwide.

No launch date has been announced other than it will happen ‘soon.’ This news comes hot on the heels on the knowledge that ads have started ‘appearing’ in Instagram feeds of users in Australia.

So surprise, surprise another social platform has decided to vie for a share of advertisers marketing budgets. What makes this offering a little different is that marketers will pay for ads to appear, only to have them ‘disappear’ after 10seconds.


How will I convince my clients that want to reach selfie-obsessed women under the age of twenty to buy advertising that will disappear? How will I obtain a copy of that competitor’s ad that disappeared last night? How many times must an ad disappear before it becomes effective? Will the way we measure reach ‘vanish’ forever??

I think not. And here’s the kicker – we’ve actually been buying ads that disappear for decades, yes really!

Some have been 10seconds long, but most are around for 30seconds. In the early days they disappeared from radio, then television and cinema. These days they disappear from almost every platform you can imagine, unless you watch them on Catch Up or grabbed them on your PVR.

Clever marketers will devise clever ways to use the Snapchat format – possibly pre-rolls and content driven personalised engagement. The key will be to remain agile, keep experimenting and keep on appearing!

Dianne Grice is a Senior Channel Planner at BCM

- Jona Peck on October 10

Thanks for the update Di. It will be interesting to see which brands choose to advertise on the platform. It could be a good space for album releases, events (festivals) and fashion. Will also be very interesting to see how much it will all cost!

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