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Is this a rev up?

by BCM Group on 23 June 2016

Getting real people to write the ads? Is that crazy?

BCM and the Department of Transport and Main Roads didn’t think so. They thought it was brilliant. If you want to connect with young drivers, put young drivers in the driver’s seat and get them to steer the campaign in the right direction. So, that’s what we did. Instead of starting with a brief, the whole project kicked off with collaboration at a special event called CO-LAB.

CO-LAB brought young Queenslanders from across the state to a strategic and creative brainstorm in Brisbane. At the end of the two days, the ideas were presented and the delegates voted. The winning concept was titled Settle down stallion. The line is a call for aggressive drivers to calm down behind the wheel, delivered in a very tongue-in-cheek way. It’s something you might say to a mate who is driving a little too fast as you sit in the passenger seat.

To bring this idea to life, the winning CO-LAB team worked with the creative and strategy guys at BCM.

A story was developed about a young man seemingly lost in the world of fast car movies such as ‘The Fast and the Furious’. While he thinks he looks like Vin Diesel revving his car and speeding away from the lights, the rest of the world sees him for what he truly is.

It was clear that for our target audience, this idea was destined for social channels rather than television. An online video was needed to establish the line and show the negative behaviour of aggressive driving and how unacceptable it is. This was supported by a suite of social media posts.

Cameras began rolling on ‘Settle down stallionin May. The CO-LAB team were there on the shoot, watching the action unfold as their concept come to life. At the end of the day, Kiarah, Shelley, Mitchell, Nicholas and Jackson went home with much more than a memorable experience and a fantastic campaign to add to their CV  they knew they had made a real contribution to road safety.

Take a look at the behind the scenes video to see how it all came together.


Sal Borzillo is an Art Director at BCM

- Gillian on June 23

Nice work! Great idea to involve the target audience in the ideation.

- d. on June 23

love the final video. no dialogue, no voiceover. so good. especially love the way the track sounds like it has laughter in it. brilliant.

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