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I thought I had all the answers…

by BCM Group on 11 December 2014

I thought I had all the answers…

Then, on the first morning of my 6 week internship programme at BCM,  I was asked four questions that made me realise I didn’t.

1. What do I like?

2. What am I good at?

3. What am I good at but don’t like?

4. What do employers want?

The only answers my head could drum up were, “Ummm, yeah like… Ehh I dunno, maybe some stuff…”

Being able to answer these questions helps you determine what you want out of your internship but more importantly, it helps you figure out what you want to do after. Now of course, being asked these questions on your first day is incredibly daunting, especially knowing you don’t fully understand Creative and Account Service departments, let alone all the other areas of an advertising agency.

It’s those questions that have been dingle-dangling around in my head this whole time. Especially when I see new people from different departments and aspects of the company that I didn’t know existed. All new, and so many different areas I simply would not have known about if I wasn’t here.

I say this through my observations in my first week and already I have been handed my first briefs for copy. Quite different to the creative, free copy you chose for yourself in the assignments, my first set of eDMs were modest but also quite challenging.


I quickly noticed that there was an approved dialogue approach to these eDMs with a market that had to be maintained through new phrasing. So my task was to stick with the approach, but make it fresh for a new year. Challenging? Welcome to the real world. This kind of stuff is why I’m here.

It may sound silly but I have already experienced firsthand copywriting for new briefs, designing copy for cover pages and reviewing copy for websites. This experience of copywriting is so much more valuable than anything I would have expected. Most importantly, I can tilt my head back and go, “I get it now”.

Only one and a half weeks in and with still a long time to go, I hope I can answer my first day questions with more confidence:

1. I do like writing

2. I am good at researching

3. I am good at, but don’t like, analysing as much as other things

4. And what do employers want?

Well, I’m still trying to figure that one out. But perhaps they don’t want people with all the answers, but rather ones who go looking for them!

Melissa is a Copywriting Intern at BCM

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