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I love retail

by Andy Ward on 30 May 2018

Not all retail. Not the screaming, frantic, strobing telly, melt your eyeballs kind. Just the clever stuff. The ads that know what they need to say, and say it well.

Great retail can be as powerful as great brand ads.

Volkswagen has proven it again and again with runout deals on their Polo.

Remember this ad? A woman with hiccups is sitting in her kitchen reading the newspaper. She turns to a full-page ad for the new VW Polo for just 7,990 pounds – and her hiccups stop. Bloody brilliant.

How about this one? Two guys are wrapping padding around a lamp post. Why? So that passers-by, who can’t keep their eyes off a nearby poster offering a great price on a VW Polo, don’t hurt themselves.

Look for yourself.


I’m sure you’d agree that Aldi is smashing it when it comes to retail. I particularly like the tomato paste TVC where the guy in the aisle grows older as he looks at the vast variety of tomato sauces on offer.

I honestly don’t know why so many people turn their noses up at retail. I love working on retail briefs because they contain a clear message. A VW Polo is just 7,990 pounds. Aldi saves you time and money. 20% off lamb chops. Now there’s something to get your teeth into.

I love retail. I just wish I got to do more of it. When I come across retail advertising done well, it really does bring a warm glow to my cut-price briefs.


Andy Ward is a Senior Writer and Conceptualiser at BCM

- Paul Cornwell on May 30

100% agree Andy. Nothing like the immediacy of day-to-day and week-to-week sales results. Great post.

- d on May 30

Aldi's social engagement is pretty slick too :

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