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Howzat for a promotion?

by Alan Kewley on 13 March 2014


The advertising for New Zealand beer brand Tui has been brilliant over the years. Their ‘Yeah right’ campaign is often quoted as a favourite for many people, myself included.

Over Summer they rolled out their Catch a Million promotion in which they offered big cash prizes to crowd members.

During any of the international limited overs matches, the first person to take a clean one-handed catch at each game won a share of the prize money.

The key was that the promotion required punters to purchase a Tui t-shirt and lanyard and be wearing both to qualify.

Shirts could be purchased online, in-store or at the stadium and the Tui lanyard was collected at the gate. The response from the Kiwi cricket fans was enthusiastic to say the least. The shirts  became hot items that frequently sold out. The crowd at each match was a sea of the trademark Tui orange branding.

Two guys did take the one-handed speculator and picked up $100,000 each ensuring them legendary status overnight. Plenty of others went within a whisker of winning.

The Tui website made the most of the highs and lows including the Hall of Heartbreak that celebrates the near misses and the idiot mates that got in the way of the catcher at just the wrong time. Online, people really gave it to the guy who took a spectacular one-handed catch but couldn’t claim the money because he was wearing a suit instead of the Tui shirt and lanyard. Clown!

The important learning in all this is that if you’re going to bandy around big prize money it helps if you’re actually willing to have someone win some or all of it. And to make the most of the failures rather than trying to sweep them under the PR carpet as a good idea gone wrong. In fact, as in the case of Tui, people love you for it. Which is pretty attractive for a brand.

It’s nice to see a brand that understands its market so well. Who’d have thought that appealing to blokes through beer, sport and the chance to give their mates a hard time would be so successful?

Catch you later.

Alan Kewley is a Group Account Director at BCM

- Dwayne on March 14

Brilliant. The brand just does everything right. Perfectly matching their advertising with their market without ever making beer drinkers out to be total yobbos (which is the standard aussie approach). Thanks Al.

- Peter on March 14

Every post a winner Al. Can you keep writing after you've gone?

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