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Hail to the Chief’s image advisors

by Peter Goodall on 10 December 2014

President Obama is an amazing brand. Genuine. Handsome. Intelligent. And confident too. So confident that he’s happy to be lampooned on national TV.

In a recent sketch on The Colbert Report he pretended to take over the show and proceeded to read the script on Colbert’s autocue – a script that bagged the president mercilessly. It takes skill and charm and balls of steel to deliver a performance like that.


But it also makes you wonder. If the leader of the free world can laugh at himself, then surely it’s okay for our leading brands to have a sense of humour too. Brand personalities are not meant to be two-dimensional. They’re supposed to be serious and funny and caring and smart and a whole bunch of other interesting stuff.

Volvo used to be the boring dude in a Crosby sweater standing by the punch bowl. Now the sweater’s been thrown on the fire and Volvo has become a leg-splitting Jean-Claude Van Damme. It’s amazing what just one clever piece of content can do to humanise a brand.

What other transformations have you seen this year? Has anyone else been as bold as Barack?

Peter Goodall is BCM’s Creative Director

- Mike on December 11

It will be interesting to see what happens to his brand over the next couple of years. He clearly wants to leave a legacy beyond just ObamaCare.

- Dwayne on December 10

Best thing since Joan Kirner covered Joan Jett on The Late Show :

- Kev on December 10

I agree Pete. He's a star performer. Full of Charisma. And a world wide brand. Probably even more loved outside of the US.

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