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Google turn the dial with Android Wear

by BCM Group on 23 March 2014

The pace in wearable technology took a sharp turn this week with the release of the developer preview of Google’s Android Wear, as well as the first glimpse of Motorola’s moto 360 that will be powered by Android Wear.


In what is quickly becoming the next big competitive area in personal electronics, the past year has seen the introduction of Pebble, Fitbit and Samsung Gear; all of which connect with smartphones to provide user’s with instant feedback. One of the biggest talking points with the release of Android Wear is going to be how developers will integrate their apps to make for a richer user experience via their Android powered smartwatches.

“Okay Google – Toy stores nearby”. The brilliance behind the user experience with Android Wear is the movement towards freeform voice control, kicked off with the simple command of “Okay Google…”. From a UI perspective Google has incorporated a mimalistic form of Google now, a card like system that strips back the UI to only the necessary information relevant to the user with simple and seamless interaction.

It’s definitely an exciting development in the area of smartwatches and one to keep a sharp eye on. Your move Apple.

Julian Thomas is the Technical Director at BCM

- Kev on March 24

Thanks Jules Not only is this interesting from a tech point of view, but the command is branding brilliance. Through every action being prefixed with 'ok Google' consumers are constantly reminded of how important Google is to enhancing their lives.

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