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Google Glass. Half Full or Half Empty?

by BCM Group on 29 January 2015

Well that was quick, but not entirely unexpected. January 19 was the last day Google Glass was available for sale and it didn’t even reach our shores.

That said, BCM had a UK-based friend send us a pair of Glass for an early test drive.

 “Is This The Best Thing Since Glass Was Invented?”

“What’s In the Glass Box?”

“Okay Glass, Embarrass Me”

At the time sadly, our sense of excitement and anticipation soon turned to disappointment and even embarrassment. While we felt the tech behind Glass had great potential, we concluded that it was largely experimental and not really market-ready (whilst Australia was spared Glass, it was widely available in Europe and North America).

So 18 months after launch Google Glass is no longer.

Gone? Well perhaps not entirely.

It’s easy to look at Google’s foray into wearables as a failure and admonish them. But in this spirit of experimentation and entrepreneurship, Google should be applauded at least  for giving it a go, taking a risk, and not being afraid to fail.

Undoubtedly they will use the learnings as a pathway to something better.

Indeed Google has publicly stated that consumers should ‘watch this space’, because one thing’s for sure, when wearable-tech takes off, Google will want to be there.  That’s why they have handed Glass over to Tony Fadell from Nest (he led the Apple team who designed the iPod and iPhone). Under his guidance, we’re likely to see  some exciting (and no doubt, elegant) developments.

And I suspect the mistake they won’t make again, is making their next wearable ‘overtly-conspicuous’ in-your-face  ‘face wear’, regardless of how well it functions or what technology is behind it.

What are your thoughts on Google Glass? Please leave a comment below!

Julian Thomas is BCM’s Digital Technical Director

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