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Welcome to the Wild West of New Tech

by BCM Group on 6 August 2014

This week we ran our 13th What Next Seminar titled ‘The Good, The Fad and The Ugly’ in The Rail Room at Iceworks, Paddington. These seminars are our twice yearly forum for keeping our clients and agency friends up to date with the new, the emerging and the relevant to inform and inspire. In the name of ‘Spaghetti Western’ goodness, the event featured golden hay bales, bottles of Kentucky bourbon and straw cowboy hats on each attendee’s seat.

The purpose for the morning was to take a ‘warts and all’ look at new and innovative technologies that could potentially change our world (The Good), be a passing trend (The Fad), or something that is just plain absurd (The Ugly). Participants were encouraged to interact with the conversation and ‘rate’ each technology that was being discussed using BCM’s own purpose-built mobile site.

As well as to discuss new technologies, this event was also a fantastic opportunity for us to announce that BCM has entered into an ongoing content partnership with News Ltd’s, to bring its readers a weekly dose of a The Good, The Fad and The Ugly technology review. The column is set to launch in September.


Every day new technologies are emerging, some with the potential to change our world, others just passing fads or just downright silly. Ranging from medical innovations and solar roadways to phone charging trousers and taxidermy cat drones, our panel (consisting of our Director of Strategy Jo Stone, News Queensland’s Digital Editor Andrew Webster and our Digital Creative Director Steve Mair), explored over 15 new technologies in a number of different industry sectors.


So how does one tell The Good, from The Fad, from The Ugly? Glad you asked. Our panel shared the below checklist to help people make the call when thinking about new technology.

Good – Does it add value to the lives of consumers? Does it fulfill a need? Is it commercially viable? If so, you can safely call it Good

Fad – Is there likely to be a long term adoption and market for this technology? Is this technology attached to a fashion or short term trend? Exercise caution before making strategic decisions for your business based upon fad technology.

Ugly – Is this technology a short term novelty? What does using this tech say about the user? Ask yourself “Would anyone really do/use this?”

Check out the slideshow below and rate the new technologies for yourself!

BCM’s ‘The Good, The Fad and The Ugly’ What Next Presentation 5 Aug 2014 from BCM Partnership

I’m sure that everyone who attended The Good, The Fad and The Ugly would agree that it was a fantastic event with plenty of laughs and ample food for thought. There are a fistful of dollars to be made in the Wild West of tech. The question is: Have you got what it takes to sort The Good from The Fad?

Jona Peck is a Digital and Content Specialist at BCM

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