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From an ad to an advertising agency

by BCM Group on 23 January 2017

Who would have thought that one simple ad would change my life? When I was 15 years old and still studying in Hong Kong, my mother and I saw an ad for an Australian education expo near where I lived.

After interviewing with the school representatives, I was selected to enroll in an Australian high school. This was the turning point of my life, because the expo truly opened my eyes. As it is very hard and competitive to get into Hong Kong universities, I saw studying overseas as a great opportunity for me. So I packed my bags and got ready for a new adventure!

After finishing high school in Australia, I enrolled at QUT. As part of my studies, I am taking part in the Baptism program at BCM. I was worried that there would be so many students applying and I would miss out, but I submitted my application anyway and hoped for the best! I am very glad that I did, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to see what an advertising agency was like in the real world.

As BCM is a full service agency, I am able to experience different aspects of advertising including account management, channel planning, creative writing and digital. Here are some of the most important things I have learned in the past three weeks.

Read the news every day

It is very important for professionals who work in the advertising industry to keep up-to-date on what is happening around the world. Although there might not be direct link between the news and our clients, insights drawn from current events could be useful and valuable. By reading the news every day, I am well-informed and I am able to learn how to make a connection between news and brands.

Pay attention to detail

Before taking part in the Baptism program, I did not realise the importance of paying attention to detail. At university, we usually present a rough idea to a lecturer or a tutor, where the marking criteria is often based on creativity and research. However, execution is equally as important in the real word. It is a challenging task to be mindful of many elements of a campaign at once, including budgets, timelines, advertising channels and strategy. By paying attention to detail, the execution of the campaign will run more smoothly.

Teamwork is the key to success

Teamwork and communication are vital to the success of an advertising campaign. With different teams and departments working on a campaign, ideas can develop and grow, ensuring we produce the best outcome for the client. This starts with account management receiving the brief, then discussing the task objectives and requirements with the creative team, who also work with other departments like social media or digital to execute their ideas.

As part of the Baptism Internship I have seen the campaigns that I have been working on to come to life. The projects that I have researched, brainstormed the creative ideas and analysed competitor activity will soon be out in the real world!  This is my first involvement in creating campaigns from start to finish, and it won’t be my last.

Some advice to my future self and students looking to apply for Baptism – always give it a go!

Yu Fei Lo is a Baptism 16/17 Intern 

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