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Finding The Sweet Spot

by Mike Rolfe on 25 October 2016

New products in the health food category are exciting to promote. They’re often challenging too. You’ve only got 30 seconds to get your message across. You’re restricted by legal considerations. And you’re using terminology that people may not have even heard before.

So when Capilano came to us with Beeotic, we knew that finding the communication ‘sweet spot’ for their prebiotic honey was going to be fun, but it wasn’t going to be easy.

A lot of people know about probiotics. But prebiotics? That’s an alien concept to many Australians.

Once we understood that prebiotics could improve the conditions in the gut so that the good bacteria from probiotics could flourish, we started to think about how we make that information easy to digest.

The creative breakthrough came when we asked ourselves ‘what if our stomachs were like gardens?’

This thought crystalised the message and allowed us to create a beautiful metaphor that people could understand. It also opened the door to real charm and surprise.

The final commercial features stunning, hyper-real CGI animation of bees busily collecting pollen in a beautiful native garden that represents the digestive system i.e. a tummy garden. The story is poetically narrated by a young girl who proudly announces it’s ‘Happy tummy honey!’

The campaign just launched and is supported by print, online and social media.

And by all accounts it’s already creating quite a buzz!


Mike Rolfe is Lead Creative/Head of Art at BCM

- d. on October 25

sooo many honey puns. haha this is a beautiful ad. nicely done.

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