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Facebook’s apology is out in the world. #sorrynotsorry

by Dave Mooney on 2 July 2018

It’s fair to say that it’s been a tough year for Facebook. It won’t be news to anyone that the social media company has been copping a fair bit of heat for its involvement in the Cambridge Analytica data scandal and it’s been doing a lot to try and put the start of 2018 behind it. In between answering questions from the US congress updating its privacy and data retention policy, Facebook has delivered a new advertising campaign to help remind its users why they loved the platform in the first place… and to help make things right.

The campaign is called ‘Here Together’ and runs across outdoor, TV, cinema and online. The ads showcase Facebook as a platform that brings people closer to the ones they care about. Facebook says that the campaign aims to highlight the importance that they put on ensuring likeminded people have a place to connect.


Aside from the feel good message about Facebook being the platform to bring you and your loved ones closer together, the ads also delve into the hot topic of data security, fake news and fake accounts. The campaign is fairly open in the way it addresses these topics and takes its message to the streets. The out of home message wants users to understand that Facebook are continually aiming to improve their service for everyone.

It’s a pretty interesting move from Facebook. It shows that they are trying to regain the trust of their users, and repair their reputation after the battering it has taken in recent months. However, I think there is one thing in particular that is hidden in this campaign that is worth thinking about alongside everything else. Their media mix.

Here is the thing, Facebook is the second largest media owner in the world. The platform has a lot of smarts in its targeting engine, it has an immense audience size (15million+ in Australia), and globally its market share and penetration is by far the highest (over 70%). With all of that behind it, Facebook has opted to deliver their message through a mix of above the line and digital channels. They have acknowledged that in order to reach the eyeballs and deliver an important message that people will pay attention to, Facebook becomes a smaller part of the bigger picture.

I think for advertisers; this message is key. Facebook themselves have identified that if you want to reach a mass audience with a key message, and if you want the audience to trust that message, then it’s important to take a diverse approach to your channel mix.

Dave Mooney is a Senior Digital Strategist at BCM

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