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Dust off your wind machines…

by BCM Group on 8 May 2014

That’s right! All the glittering outfits, the downright kooky performances, and the untameable passion that can only come from a European TV song contest is back!

Welcome EUROVISION 2014!


I will proudly admit that I watch Eurovision and enjoy it. Say what you like about the tackiness and lack of ‘true talent’ on stage, I happen to think it’s one of the most entertaining watches available on free-to-air TV.

Anyone who knows anything about Eurovision knows that social media has increasingly become integral to the experience of watching it. One cannot simply watch Eurovision without expressing their thoughts with thousands of randoms across the globe. It’s become a bit of a cult too – with everything from backyard Eurovision parties to the final being aired live in Federation Square. The pull on social media is so great that a couple of years ago I gained more followers during Eurovision on Twitter than the entire year put together (which I do realise says more about my Tweeting ability than anything else…).

When we break it down further you can begin to understand the success behind Eurovision’s social media domination.

“Our social media strategy has been concentrating on expanding our presence in places where our fans are and showing what a great TV show we have all over the world.”

“We also want to give the fans an opportunity to be involved more with the contest and have thus asked for their input more and more.”

Eurovision operates across a variety of social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, VK, Odnoklassniki, YouTube and their own MyEurovision) which helps them keep in touch with fans all over the world.

Keeping in touch with their fans is something that is very close to the organisers hearts. This year, as a tribute to Australia’s growing ‘love affair’ with the contest, Jessica Mauboy was selected by SBS to perform live. With an estimated audience of over 180 million tuning in, Mauboy will be the first ever solo artist from outside of Europe to perform at the contest. Not a bad feat for a wacky singing contest huh?

Increasing at a rate of over 60% a year (as of 2012), Eurovision’s social media presence is quite pronounced. The flurry of activity across social media channels can even lead to accurate predictions such as this one from Mint Twist, a UK based agency who have used social media to predict this year’s top three (Armenia, Austria and Sweden). Time will only tell if they are right..

This year, the Danes have the honour of hosting in their beautiful capital of Copenhagen. As always SBS’s Julia Zemiro and Sam Pang will host the Australian broadcast with their usual pizazz. And as we travel with the thousands of die-hard fans from the comfort of our couches, we are sure to be guaranteed a hell of a ride.

If you aren’t live streaming, SBS’s coverage of Eurovision starts this Friday 9th May at 8.30pm.

Happy viewing!

Rebecca Fernando is an Account Manager at BCM.


- Colin on May 10

Thanks so much for linking to our article! It's fantastic to see Eurovision is popular in Australia as well. I think it's really interesting that they've used a hashtag for this year's logo and marketing efforts - it really puts it into context and I predict this year will be the highest ever for live tweeting.

- Giulianna on May 9

Awesome, I love Eurovision too! I'll be watching and cheering for Jess, she's a great talent and will do us proud. I think she's got a real chance but those Euro nations are tough competition. I can't wait for the SBS broadcast, Julia and Sam do a great job and I'm sure they'll showcase Copenhagen beautifully too. So excitement! G

- Peter on May 9

Thanks for that Bec. I have my own love affair with Eurovision, but I'm not sure about Mauboy. Let's hope she does us proud.

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