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Don’t Forget To Shower

by Peter Goodall on 28 October 2016

As the news of Vine’s demise hits everyone’s feeds today, a generation that grew up with this unique distraction is in deep shock. In years to come there will be people gathering online for six second commemorations, reaching out to each other and saying, “Do you remember where you were the day Vine died?”

Twitter seem to have decided that Vine just wasn’t going to make them any money as a separate platform. Making that creative community part of what they’re already doing probably makes more sense. After all, there are probably only so many social media channels we can fit into our lives.

Let’s face it, if you’re a Youtube addict who’s also always on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, plus you’re regularly going back to Vine for another six second hit of silliness (they’re so moreish), your day is pretty full. So full that there’s barely enough time for annoying things like paid work. Or quality time with your significant other (what was her name again?). Barely enough time to shower more than once a week.

What do you think? Did Vine go belly up because too few people were able to squeeze that extra six seconds into their day?


Peter Goodall is BCM’s Creative Director

- Anais on November 3

Having a platform that forced you to be creative in six seconds is going to be missed. I suppose us advertisers still have YouTube pre-roll for that... #survivalofthefittest

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