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Does your comms partner practice what they tweet?

by Paul Cornwell on 21 November 2017

These days everyone in our industry seems to offer every communications service known to man.

Most PR agencies, for example, have shifted in recent years from specialising in public relations to social media, content, branding, strategy, video production, creative and more.

Digital shops now offer creative, TV production, radio, content and some even offer PR, events and activations. Many also provide social media solutions as part of their portfolio.

Media shops now offer strategy, creative, content, social media etc.

Even production houses now offer much of the above.

Now, I don’t have any issue whatsoever with these companies broadening their scope. In many cases, it was designed to build a new revenue base as their core revenue stream was diminishing.

But I do question how well they’ve adapted to this broad range of specialist disciplines.

Does a media shop’s DNA include creativity? Really?

Can a digital shop really create high-quality TVC’s?

And do many PR agencies really do a good job with social media?

Maybe they can. Maybe they can’t.  So, here’s a quick test.

Get online and check your PR, digital, social or even agency partner and see how well they do their own social.

I recently checked a well-known PR shop and here’s what I found:

Their last Facebook post was 2nd December 2016.  Almost one year ago.

Their last Instagram post was 3 weeks ago on October 26th.

They haven’t tweeted since June 28th.

And their last update on LinkedIn was 9 months ago.

And they want marketers to trust them with their social media. Hmm.

I checked a range of other digital shops, social media specialists, content agencies and PR businesses and they weren’t much better.

And it’s not just about recency it’s about the quality of the content too – which is often pretty poor.

So, my question is this: if they can’t do a good job managing social media for the closest, easiest client they have, i.e. themselves, then what does that say about their ability to devise and manage a client’s social media?

I think their own social says a lot about their knowledge, their skill set, their resource and their passion for social media.

See if I’m right.  Please test my theory.

If your comms partner doesn’t practice what they tweet then maybe you should be looking for a better partner?


Paul Cornwell is a Managing Director at BCM

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