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Cooking up brave content

by Peter Goodall on 24 February 2015

After watching the first couple of episodes of Katering* (the journey of a food intolerant and an intolerable foodie) I’ve decided that the stuff that gets shared is rarely medium rare. Often it’s taken to the extreme and cooked to a crisp.


There’s a bunch of YouTubers out there creating content that aims well above sad, and goes for heart wrenching. They’re not trying to be amusing, they’re shooting for wet-your-pants hilarious. They don’t stop at interesting. They go for fascinating.

Of course, Katering isn’t trying to sell anything but itself. It features Thermomix, but it’s not trying to sell that brand of appliance. In fact, if Katering really takes off** I predict a sharp drop in Thermomix sales in the near future.

So what can brands learn from Katering? Well, for starters, don’t try to appeal to everyone. Some of the most popular YouTube channels are saying, if you’re into what I’m into, that’s great. If you’re not into it, that’s okay too.

Get to really know your audience. Then don’t just whip up something they might like. Cook up a big dish of something they’ll find truly amazing, shocking, touching, mind-blowing…

*Katering comes with a PG warning. It’s humour that’s definitely not to everyone’s taste.  

**You’ll notice that I didn’t say viral here. Viral is the v word people in advertising tend to avoid. Just like wizards tend to avoid saying Voldemort.

Peter Goodall is BCM’s Creative Director

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