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Coming to BCM

by BCM Group on 19 January 2016

Eddie Murphy is a genius. He was a flammable mix of supreme confidence, self-deprecation, racial commentary, silly yet hard-nosed vigour decked out in a red leather jacket and pants to match. In the film Coming to America, he plays Akeem, a young, wide-eyed African prince who becomes disillusioned with his wealthy and extravagant lifestyle. He leaves home temporarily to discover America, yearning to explore the gritty streets of Queens and find his true queen. In his journey of self-discovery and love, Prince Akeem meets some strange, intimidating, lovely and wonderful individuals, but above all authentic individuals, and eventually finds his queen, his “calling”.

I have a roster of self-deprecating jokes but I’m nowhere near as confident or outspoken and you’ll never find me in a red leather jacket (red looks terrible on my olive skin). I’m about as far flung from 1980’s Eddie Murphy as you can get. But Prince Akeem, is someone I can see in myself (highly esoteric but let’s roll with it).

I arrived at BCM as a Baptism intern. I studied science and pharmacy, both flaming out pretty quickly. I wanted to break out of that traditional Asian mould and so, not long afterwards I found myself in Marketing. It’s been great and I’ve become comfortable with it, but for a while I thought that maybe, like Prince Akeem, I hit a plateau. Then I found BCM.


Applying for the Baptism intern programme, I stepped out of the traditional, formulaic applicant mould and waxed lyrical about Drake’s marketing ingenuity. It worked, BCM responded. So with this newfound bravado, I, like Prince Akeem swapping his royal garments for “typical” New Yorker garbs had flipped my mindset like a switch.

On the morning of the first day I was unsure what to expect. I was nervous but curious and full of anticipation about what was to come. BCM was another world, my own iteration of Queens I guess. I arrived, somewhat hesitant but hopeful just as Prince Akeem landed in Queens. This is where I was going to meet those strange, intimidating, lovely and wonderful people. It was to be the place that would foster new discoveries and provide me experiences outside of my comfort zone.


Social Media was the area where I chose to apply my focus. I had an idea of what to expect, but nonetheless, the attraction was real. Content calendars and scheduling? You shouldn’t be allowed to tease me like that. I was fortunate enough to work with Lachie and Holly, the two social media experts (and national treasures) who answered every one of my negligible questions and imparted wise advice on a consistent basis. Sprout does this, Photoshop layers allow you to do that, ‘that person is quite alright’. Every conversation with them is always a bit captivating.

Floating around the office, singular days spent with other specialties in the office take you out of the comfort of your desk and places you in unfamiliar streets. Having worked under Accounts with Chloe and Bec and Traffic with Tom and Phoebe thus far, it’s shown me the hard graft required in each department. Like the synchronised gears of a pawned gold watch, I’ve slowly come to realise how integral the intersections of each department and each person is in making BCM tick. The people are what make BCM the vibrant place it is, just as Queens is personified by its barbers and gospels singers (this won’t sound as sappy once you watch it).


And that about brings you up to date on where I am right now. My days at BCM so far have given me some sleepless nights, although without a cause I came to realise. Instead, most of my days are built on excitement and small tidbits of discovery (and Sunny the Egg). I don’t mean to plug, but being at BCM truly has broadened my mind and left an indelible mark on myself personally. If my role in Social Media and BCM continues on with even half the momentum and enjoyment I’m taking out of it, I’m sure I’ll find my queen.


Trung Pham is a Social Media Intern at BCM 


- Gillian Tucker on January 19

Thanks Trung it's great to get positive feedback. The Baptism internship programme is a great opportunity to roll up the sleeves and get real world experience. Glad you're enjoying us.

- Kevin on January 19

Its been great having you Trung (indeed the whole crop of Baptism Interns). You guys have been fantastic.

- Lachlan Stewart on January 19

One of the best blogs of all time. ALL TIME.

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