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Christmas has come to town

by BCM Group on 1 December 2017

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling extra festive this year!

It’s only just ticked over to December, but Christmas decorations have been on the shelves for what feels like months, my weekends are fast filling up with Christmas drinks and family catch-ups and there are a whole bunch of festive ads hitting our screens.

I’m a sucker for Christmas ads – I definitely shed a tear or two watching John Lewis’ Monty the Penguin ad. Here are a few of my favourites from this year…

McDonald’s – Reindeer ready

A little girl saves a single carrot stick for Santa’s reindeer, only to find out there’s more than one reindeer! Sure, it’s pretty weird that she’s carried around a carrot stick all day, but I think it’s a nice way for the brand to tie themselves to a Christmas tradition that takes place in many households, while leveraging their healthy menu options.


Heathrow Airport – It’s a Wonderful Flight

Following the success of last year’s ad, the bears are back. After meeting Doris and Edward Bair in 2016, Heathrow is continuing to tell their story by sharing their 50-year love story starting back in the 60s. We watched their family grow throughout the ad, so it looks like they are set to return in yearly installments. Looking forward to the next chapter!


Myer – Elf’s Journey

Similar to Heathrow, Myer are also developing their character set and promote the Giftorium for the third year in a row. This year we follow Elf, who is frustrated with his pals and sets out to find another set of decorations. After meeting some interesting and obnoxious decorations, he realises that none of them are quite right and he makes his way home to Reindeer, Mouse and Angel. It’s something most of us can relate to – each family has its own kind of crazy, but there is nowhere else you’d rather be.

I must admit, I haven’t liked the characters in the past – they’re rather stereotypical which grated on me. However, the new messaging this year works well for the quirky bunch.


David Jones – Now it feels like Christmas

I think this is my favourite Christmas ad so far this year. We follow an adventurous gingerbread man as he travels the world collecting gifts for his family back home. It’s so heartwarming and will resonate with many around Australia with family abroad. It’s also a lovely way to announce the theme of the highly anticipated festive window displays.


So now that I’ve shared my favourites, what’s your favourite Christmas ad?

Chloe Swan is an Account Manager at BCM

- Paul on December 1

Great post Chloe. I love the Air New Zealand #MirryChristmus one too

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