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Christmas has been cancelled because of the gay reindeer and the red coffee cups.

by BCM Group on 3 December 2015

Somebody needs to call Santa to tell him that he can put his feet up, stand down the elves and unharness the reindeer. Christmas has been cancelled.

Or, at least Christmas as he knows it.

The jolly old fellow though may not be completely surprised by this news. It was only a few years ago that a number of Australian shopping centres cut Santa’s vocabulary by banning his once familiar Ho! Ho! Ho! when talking with little children. Apparently there was a genuine fear that some mothers might be offended that Santa was adopting a rap attitude to diss those baby mommas.

And, this year Saint Nick has been instructed not to encourage the littlies to sit on his lap. Oh no, boys and girls. You can’t whisper “Barbie Campervan” in the bearded one’s ear. You can however gift request via Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram as long as your parents/carers are aware you are contacting him and your request isn’t gender specific.

You see, political correctness has shimmied down the chimney, yanked down the tinsel, emptied the stockings that were hung with care and filled them with organic quinoa.

Department store juggernaut Myer’s 2015 Christmas TV commercial features a gregarious reindeer with a pronounced lisp that offers Christmas cheer like “well that’s a little bit fabulous, isn’t it?”

You can see that commercial here:


However, the Twittersphere doesn’t think he’s fabulous. In fact, some find this dear little woodland creature somewhat offensive.

“Is it just me, or is the Reindeer on the Myer ad overly stereotypical and offensive AF” asked @butterleg;

And @muddyhoof quipped “The ad perpetuates a false stereotype of gay men as effeminate, lispy and loving women’s fashion. I expect better of ‪@myer”

Mind you on the other end of the Christmas bonbon, Myer’s competition David Jones has been accused of not valuing the meaning of Christmas with its Sydney City store window this year. Known for its beautiful nativity scenes and lush velvety Santa tableaus, this year’s offering is simply a black and white diorama of colouring-in scenes. DJ’s defended its decision with a statement to News Ltd saying “It is important to continue to surprise and delight our customers, and this year we have approached the window design from a new direction.”


Across the globe, coffee-giant Starbucks has been put on Santa’s naughty-list following its decision to ditch its festive design coffee cup, replacing it with a plain red one. The change prompted social media outrage, suggesting it was “a war against Christmas”. Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump even toyed with the idea of calling for a boycott of the chain.


Anyway, from all of us at BCM, have yourself a merry little Christmas.

Oh, pardon us. May we suggest you participate on an emotional journey on a vertically challenged, non-denominational holiday?

Alex Hind is a Content and Video Producer at BCM

- Gillian Tucker on December 3

Very funny Alex even if slightly depressing

- Steph D on December 3

I applaud your statements. If anyone should wish me happy holidays rather than a Merry Christmas I may resort to violence.

- Pete on December 3

well that's just a little bit fabulous alex

- Angie Hancock on December 3

great post Alex, I'm looking forward to your next one (no pressure!)

- Kev on December 3

Thanks for the entertaining post Alex. Love it!

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