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Changing the face of speed

by BCM Group on 23 March 2016

It’s funny isn’t it, how being booked for speeding has always been a bit of a joke?

At worst, it’s an annoying, expensive inconvenience.

We’ll come into work and say wryly, “Would you believe it? I got pinged on Stuartholme Road again!

No-one ever would talk that way about being caught drink driving. It’s shameful, dangerous, deadly.

Yet speed kills too. And it’s so common we consider it almost normal. Most people admit to speeding just a little, just sometimes, as though it doesn’t matter. And truth be told, it doesn’t – until the unexpected happens, which it will, maybe sooner, maybe later. And then the consequences are catastrophic.

Creating ‘a new ad to reframe speeding’ was tricky. People are cynical. We believe our cars can handle a little speed. We think we’re capable drivers. We believe low-level speeding is ‘safe speeding.’

But, as my 86-year-old father in-law says, “Accidents are well rehearsed.”

And therein lay the gem of this idea. Thanks Pa.

We needed to show that it’s what people do every day that’s the issue. It’s habitual speeding, nudging over the limit and pushing our luck again and again.

We didn’t want blood and gore. We needed to avoid victim-blaming, and it was important not to show the driver as a monster.

So we went with emotion. A conversation between a child, and a bloke we feel we might know (and like).

Once we imagined the girl (Queensland actor Savannah Foran-McDaniel) appearing at the window instead of a cop, we were in interesting territory and the ad almost wrote itself. Somewhat unusually, the script changed very little between first draft and final edit.

The ad (which we call ‘Warning’) has just launched in time for Easter to remind drivers, quietly and truthfully, that the real cost of speeding could be much, much more than a fine.


Kate Hunter is a Senior Copywriter at BCM

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