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Can a Pitch Save a Soldier’s Life?

by Paul Cornwell on 9 October 2015

Last night our team pitched at oOh! Media’s head office in Sydney to win $1 million worth of out of home media.

We chose Walking Wounded as our client.  This charity was set up last year by Brian Freeman, a 20 year army veteran. Its goal is to address a tragic situation that is happening in Australia right now. 41 Australian soldiers sadly died in Afghanistan yet 121 have died from suicide since returning home after service.  Our soldiers need help yet the community knows nothing about this dire situation.

Brendon Cook_oOh_CEO & PC_image rec from oOhSo we pitched a campaign in oOh!‘s Million Dollar Pitch against 4 other Sydney and Melbourne based marketers and agencies. We had 15 minutes to convince the judging panel that we had the most compelling pitch.

And we won!

BCM team_with some of the judges_image rec from oOh

Rachel Ingram receiving congratulatory hug_image rec from oOhI’m so proud of our team and the huge team effort that went into putting this campaign and pitch together. Almost everyone at  BCM contributed to our effort so I can’t thank everyone enough.  You guys rock.

Special thanks to Nick Ikonomou for his creativity and pitching skills.

Beating over 130 entrants from across Australia is fantastic.

But having the opportunity to save Australian soldiers’ lives is a great honour.

Paul and Nick_image rec from oOh

They risked their lives for us in conflicts like Iraq and Afghanistan and we owe it to them to help them integrate back into life after their military service.

Our hope is that when our campaign goes into the market early next year it drives much needed donations which will in turn put resources and programs in place to help Aussie soldiers and ultimately save lives.

We can only hope last night’s pitch results in such an amazing outcome.




Paul Cornwell is a Managing Director at BCM

- Kev on October 9

Fantastic. Just fantastic. An enormous effort and a truly worthwhile cause.

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