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But first, let me take a selfie

by BCM Group on 6 November 2014

Who hasn’t struggled to take the perfect selfie? Sometimes you can’t quite get the background in, sometimes the angle is unflattering, and sometimes, a problem I have often experienced, you cut out your tall friend’s head! But a new device has been developed that could solve your selfie woes.

Introducing Nixie.

Nixie is a wearable camera on a wristband that can transform into a quadcopter and take flight. From above, the camera takes photos and videos, before returning to the palm of your hand.

According to Wired, Nixie uses motion-prediction algorithms and sensors to find its way. The device boasts an impressive range of functions, including 360° panorama and follow modes, where Nixie trails behind you in the air. And when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it can stream directly to your smartphone while you are scaling a mountain, biking through a forest or exploring a foreign city.

Basically, Nixie could change the way we take photos and videos.

We live in an age where we want to capture every moment to share with friends and family. Nixie is your own personal photographer to capture your adventures from a new perspective. You have the ability to instantly share your experiences via social media, blogs and websites from your smartphone.

post photo

While Nixie is still in its prototype stages, the developers won Intel’s “Make It Wearable” contest on Monday, a competition that encourages developers to think of new approaches to wearable technology. The prize includes $500,000 to develop and produce the device.

Is Nixie a new, hands-free competitor for GoPro? Will a new platform emerge where users can stream their experiences in real-time? Could this idea be integrated with a smart watch?

Better start practicing your best selfie face and perfect your pose, the struggle is nearly over!

Chloe Swan is an Account Coordinator at BCM

- Kev on November 6

Thanks Chloe...Wow... just when we may have thought it was impossible to be any more self-obsessed, a new technology comes along.

- Paul on November 6

Great post Chloe. I keep reading about wearable tech in its early development stages and feeling like it's something I'd never use. Yet, as the development of these devices progresses they seem to have more practical application. As such, I'm about to buy a fitbit device. Maybe Nixie could be next on my list?

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