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Bringing VOZ to OZ

by Sam Kane on 2 August 2018

It’s not every day that the new news in media is about TV.

Out of home media tends to wear the innovation crown. And the big players in the digital space always have big news about improvements in targeting and measurement.

But there has been an exciting and important development for TV measurement.

OzTAM and Nielsen have announced the roll out of a new ‘Total TV’ database called Virtual Australia, or VOZ for short.

Set to launch in Quarter 1 2019, the new platform will combine audience data for traditional broadcast TV viewing and streamed TV viewing via connected devices.

Touted as the ‘future of TV’ by OzTAM and Nielsen, it’s been a long time coming.

It’s no surprise that television viewing habits have changed. Research tells us this, and we also know it from our own behaviour.

We no longer plan our life around the TV guide. We know we don’t have to rush home to watch that episode of The Bachelor or The Block, we can just watch it on our phones, or on our laptops…

or time shift it 10 minutes after the episode has gone to air because 8:40pm is a more convenient time than 8:30pm.

And TV networks have evolved with us. They’ve had to. Many shows are now available through a connected device at the same time it’s broadcast on the TV set, or even before.

Last year, SBS launched the first season of the Handmaid’s Tale exclusively on their SBS On Demand streaming platform.

The network recognised the growing TV binge culture and capitalised on it.

This announcement about holistic measurement is another step in the right direction.

OzTAM and Nielsen, together with the TV networks, have addressed the need for increased audience measurement and de-duplication of reach and frequency across devices.

They recognise that clients and agencies are demanding more sophisticated means of measurement, and more data.

This move brings TV in line with digital, shifting the perception of TV from an entirely different medium to just another screen, one component of a total video buy.

With the average Australian household being home to more than six screens, this change in terminology is important as it is reflective of how the audience views TV, and how they consume the medium.

It’s just another example of data, measurement and accountability being front and centre for clients and advertisers. And it goes to show that even a traditional medium like TV that claims ‘unrivalled reach’, needs to adapt to survive.

The media team at BCM will keep our clients informed of further developments once VOZ is in market.

Potentially this new measurement system will minimise media wastage and increase the ROI of cross platform video campaigns – exciting times for media buyers and clients alike.

Sam Kane is a Media Planner/Buyer at BCM

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