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Bebop and Hepcats

by BCM Group on 13 November 2013

This week we ran another of our twice yearly What Next? Seminars – our forum for keeping our clients and agency friends up to date with the latest marketing and advertising trends.

We held the event for around 100 people at the iconic Brisbane Jazz Club, located right under the Story Bridge on the beautiful Brisbane River, in keeping with our theme – ‘Jazztopia, Improv Your Marketing’. Our topic was Real Time Marketing – a trend which is set to completely change the way successful marketers operate in the future.

image1_Presenters, staff & theme

Increasingly, we all need to move from the disciplined and planned approach, that has long been a benchmark of success (much like a conductor of a symphony orchestra), to a more agile and responsive model (much like a jazz ensemble).

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With the help of a great venue, Ron Burgundy playing jazz flute, our improv jazz duo – Chris on piano and Josh on sax – and a plentitude of berets and sun glasses, we all got into the jazz vibe.
Our presentation explored the opportunities for:
– Real Time Brand Content
– Real Time Brand Experiences
– Real Time Customer Response


I think everyone who attended would agree that it was a great morning event, with some real food for thought.

We left everyone with some simple action points:

Real Time Marketing … Be Prepared, Be Agile, Be Responsive – and don’t forget Bebop!

Jo Stone is Head of Channel Planning & Integration at BCM

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