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by BCM Group on 5 December 2013

Five months ago, when Instagram stole Vine’s video-share thunder, did you ever think #instavids would become the resumé of the future? Well, that’s exactly the method BCM Partnership used to sift through the trillions of eager Brisbane advertising students for their Baptism internship program.

I, for one, am stoked about this particular application process – but that’s probably because I’m one of the lucky “Baptees” interning at BCM for six weeks as a result of it.

The brief was tricky; we were asked to impress with a series of five Instagram videos, that were to “give a deep insight into who we are … a tantalising glimpse of how our brains tick”. Being required to post one video a day for a week, and not five at the end the week, was surprisingly one of the hardest parts.

I’m not sure how the other Baptees worked, but I wanted to be prepared and organised. Mainly because at the time my mind was still recovering from the Breaking Bad end-er (yep, two months on), so I decided to write out a plan for what I would post. That plan was not followed. R.I.P.

So instead, I spent most of the week looking like a tourist, filming everything in sight until something finally gelled. The application process resulted in an array of videos, and whilst trolling through them on a caffeine-hopped rampage of ensuring mine were just as good or better, it was interesting to see how everyone’s brains tick so differently.

essay cause and effect

There were an array of posts. Some featured comedy and fitness; there were stop motion videos and parodies; interviews and so on. Some referenced Beyoncé, others Halloween – but my personal favourite was the Game of Thrones inspired post.


It’s no secret that employers research job candidates’ social media profiles to help them make hiring decisions. So, integrating it into the hiring process seems logical, particularly within industries that rely on creativity and the medium itself.

Thus far (it’s day four), the program has obliterated my expectations of ad agency life. If the application process and the first couple of days of the program are anything to go by, this experience will be once in a lifetime.

To check out the application videos, just search #BCMbaptism on Instagram.

Lachlan Stewart is a Social Media Intern at BCM

- Aaditya on December 12

Nice post here Lachlan Stewart . I think the advertising will also be in a tough battle considering that there are now different mediums of advertising proliferating in the market.

- Todd O'Brien on December 11

Nice post man! Good to see the next round of baptees so keen to get into it. Just some tips from an ex-baptee: - Listen to EVERYTHING. You won't get many chances to be surrounded by people who have been in the industry this long - 6 weeks goes quickly. Don't say no to anything - Try everything. I went in thinking I wanted to be a social media guru. I came out wanting to get into production. Don't spoil the opportunity to get a taste of everything - Start wearing multiple layers of socks. You have big shoes to fill :p Have fun guys :D

- dwayne on December 6

Congratulations on being one of the chosen few from among the trillions. And good on you for not following the plan — you're already well on your way to success. Great post dude. d.

- Kev on December 6

Welcome Lachy and all the other interns.

- Paul Cornwell on December 5

Nice one Lachlan. Great to have you, and the other 'Baptees', on board at BCM. We hope your time with us is both educational and inspirational.

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