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Another day, another popular app!

by BCM Group on 12 April 2016

In a constantly moving digital world, it is challenging to stay on top of everything that is happening. Here’s one example, Have you heard of it? Probably not. But it is certainly taking the market by storm with 60 million teen users and is currently the #1 free app on iTunes in 19 countries.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, what is it? is a free app that takes lip syncing to a whole new level. It allows users, or ‘Musers’ as they have been coined, to film themselves lip-syncing popular music and/or movie/TV quotes. They can even upload their own original audio tracks for others to use, as well as collaborate with friends and people from all over the world with duets. A ‘Muser’ also has access to a whole host of video editing features such as filters, slow motion, time lapse and hyper speed to finish off their final product before submitting into the app.

And as it is all about sharing, also allows ‘Musers’ to share directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine and other social media networks. is giving the youth of today an outlet to express themselves creatively.

Still unsure of what this app can do? Have a look at some examples below from one of the rising stars of, Baby Ariel.


What’s the reason for the success of Is it the fact that it is a free app with a lot of video editing features?  Is it because it is so easy to use and share? Is it because it is another avenue for people to play out their narcissism without retribution?

My opinion is that this app has taken off because, as we have seen over and over again with brands – we are living in a world where customisation and the creation of content are key. With the ability to create their own mini music videos, tweens all over the world are getting to put their stamp on any song of their choice, or even better, create their own, and gain traction in the community.

Some brands have also taken advantage of the platform with Guitar Hero Live using to create the game’s first crowd-sourced music video by asking Musers to lip sync to Ed Sheeran’s, Sing.  There were even a few celebrities who contributed to the video.

It has also been used heavily by the musical artist, Ariana Grande, who posts short and funny videos in an almost ‘behind-the-scenes’ fashion.

So here is an example of an app many of us may not have heard of, but if you’re a brand targeting tweens, then this one is a space you should try to make a presence on right now.

I wonder what other digital assets there are out there that we haven’t yet heard of, but are bound to become part of our vocabulary in the next six months?


Rebecca Bell is an Account Manager at BCM 

- Paul on April 12

Thanks for the update Bec. Keeping up with changes to social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram is a constant challenge but so is watching out for new ones like Lucky we have such a focus on the future with our 'What Next?' approach.

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