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AdNews announce BCM as Agency of the Year

by Kevin Moreland on 15 March 2018

Tonight I’m in Sydney, having just attended the AdNews Agency of The Year Awards.

It was a great night and we’re especially thrilled because BCM was recognised as the Agency of the Year for Queensland.

As the State’s most established and longest running independent shop, I think this award sends a positive message that indies can, and do, truly hold their own.

The AdNews Award is based on the agency’s body of work, culture and commercial success.

If you think about it, to be successful against these criteria requires an enormously dedicated and committed team.

To our clients, thank you for the opportunities and challenges you present to us and your openness to new ideas and new ways, and sincere thanks for the trust you place in us. We don’t, and never will, take it for granted.

To the wonderful people at BCM. We love and appreciate that so many of you go the extra mile for the agency and our clients; that so many of you bring such positive energy to finding those ‘aha moments’ day in, day out; that you put our clients first; and that there is such enormous openness and excitement about exploring new possibilities.

And to our external partners; the production houses, sound studios, and digital and media outlets who help us bring our clients’ work to life; thank you for your commitment to your craft and your efforts to make our work the best it can be.

This one is for all of us!

(Now I’m off to bed. Early flight in the morning!)

Kevin Moreland is a Managing Director at BCM

- d. on March 16

Yay Us. We Rock.

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