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2013: Year In Review

by Laura Furness on 8 January 2014


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A lot can happen in a year. Overseas holidays, engagements, babies, parties, new jobs, natural disasters, moving house, and the list goes on. Thank goodness for Facebook’s Year In Review or I would have forgotten all of this. How would I have ever remembered what I posted on the 12th of February 2013?

With the end of any year and the beginning of the next, it is a time of reflection and anticipation to what the future holds.

Everyone has particular memories that stand out for each year, be it good or bad. With the help of social media networks, it’s becoming easier for us to take a look at all the fun and mishaps that we got up to in the year just gone.

Not only can Facebook show you what you and your friends got up to during the year, but it can also tell you what topics were trending both globally and on a local level in 2013. Politics played a large role in Australia, with Vote being the highest trending topic in the country. Kevin Rudd, Tony Abbott and Election also appeared in the top 10. Sport had a dominance with cricket, Grand Final and Lions trending on Facebook. Big Brother came in at number 10, which says a lot about the TV viewing habits of Australians. Check out the top 10 trending topics in other countries around the world, here.

It’s not just Facebook that is looking back at the year just passed. YouTube has released its annual Rewind video, which shows clips of the most popular videos of 2013.

Twitter had a great year with 230 million active users sending 500 million tweets per day. Amongst the millions of tweets, the most retweeted belonged to Glee star Lea Michele which was retweeted over 408,000 times.


Over 16 billion photos have been shared on Instagram since its launch, with the top locations in 2013 being Bangkok, followed by New York and Disneyland California. I’ve only just started getting into ‘Instagramming’ my photos, but I sometimes wish that I’d been able to Instagram memorable moments in my life from a couple of years ago; my graduation, Schoolies (or maybe not), overseas holidays. Oh well, I guess I will just have to live with the unfiltered photos from my Canon film camera.

2013: Year In Review would not be complete without a word from Ron Burgundy:

Excuse me while I go and delete a few of the posts from this year and take a look at what I may have forgotten about.

What were your favourite moments of 2013?

- Jo Stone on January 9

Great summation of the year Laura! Isn't it interesting how Facebook is becoming more and more entrenched in all our lives. Only an intimate connection could spontaneously deliver us our lives in pictures over the past 12 months. Nice touch ending with Ron Burgundy!

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