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1% makes one helluva difference

by Peter Goodall on 2 March 2017

A lot of people in sport talk about the one-percenters. Diving at full stretch to stop a run. Getting up to make another tackle when you’re dead on your feet. They’re the little things that don’t seem to represent much on their own. But these little one-percenters do add up. And ultimately they’re the things that win games.

This week, the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads released a video about P-platers that’s turned out to be a real winner. It’s not shocking or funny. There are no special effects. It’s just a simple video that connects beautifully with its audience. It started amassing big numbers from the moment it was posted. And that’s due to all the one-percenters that moulded its strategy and crafted its writing and execution.

Could it have worked if we’d skimped on the acting talent? What if we’d made the voiceover fit an extra sentence or two into the script? Would that have killed the video? Did our music, location and wardrobe choices determine whether this piece of content was really good or just okay? On their own, probably not. But all together, most definitely.

During the months of development from concept to completion an idea can be chipped away, a percent at a time, until it’s only half as good as it could have been. Or it can be added to, enhanced and fine-tuned until it’s as great as we can make it.

In this case TMR made sure that we were adding quality and clarity and charm to the message, one percent at a time. The number of views and shares shows that it was worth that extra effort. And I’m 100% sure this little video will start lots of conversations between P-Platers and their parents.


The video has already reached 230,000 people organically on Facebook, amassing over 100,000 video views. 16% of viewers are watching until the very end (45% greater than the Australian benchmark), meaning that in just 3 days the content has been viewed in its entirety by 16,000 highly engaged Queenslanders. A terrific result for a 45 sec video.

Peter Goodall is BCM’s Creative Director

- d on March 2

i really like this ad. so well crafted and the talent just nail it.

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