Dept of Veterans' Affairs

Anzac Centenary

This new brand identity was commissioned by the Federal Government to embody the Anzac Centenary in the minds of the Australian public – an iconic logo which would become synonymous with the Anzac Centenary commemorative period, both across Australia and overseas.

Of all the images we identify with in relation to the Anzacs and Anzac Day, few have stood the test of time as successfully as the statue of the lone Anzac digger; head bowed, arms resting on his rifle. This distinctive figure took pride of place in the new Anzac brand identity we developed, with the digger forming the ‘1’ in the number ‘100’, to clearly communicate the Anzac Centenary at a glance. By juxtaposing the Anzac digger with a strong, clean modern font, the design integrated the old with the new, the past with the present. This same sentiment was expressed in the accompanying line ‘The Spirit Lives’.

Anzac Centenary logo

During the commemorative period the new logo has appeared prominently in the media and across various collateral - on memorabilia (including specially minted coins), at official events, and especially at a grass roots level, with local councils and community groups utilising the official logo in their Anzac Day celebrations. Illawarra Shire locals, for example, have celebrated their dawn service with the logo taking pride of place on the Kiama Lighthouse. It has graced a Qantas Jumbo Jet, been projected onto the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and has featured during the Aust v NZ Anzac Rugby Test Match.

This was the most significant branding exercise the Australian military had undertaken in decades, and the creation of this national identity brand has enabled all sectors of the Australian community to make a meaningful connection between our Anzac history and today.

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