What if you had the opportunity to collaborate on projects for famous brands? What if you were given the support and encouragement you need to lead the way in a constantly evolving communication industry?
What if you could be part of BCM's C.A.P. program and end up at SXSW in Austin, Texas? What if you could get your very own project off the ground in the BCM Lab?

What are you waiting for?

A picture and a hashtag are worth a thousand words. Pic by pic we're telling the story of BCM. Here you'll see everything from the latest exhibition in our art gallery to glimpses of our Valley 'home'.

'Stealing Swastikas' opens in BCM's in-agency Crucible Art Gallery on April 14. The exhibition explores the creation, evolution and abduction of icons and symbols through the ages. There's over 400 designs on display. What is your favourite icon? Share it on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram using #BCMicons.